Ulmer Industries



1 Ea. Horizontal band saw

1 Ea. Vertical band saw

1 Ea. Ironworkder, 110-ton capacity

1 Ea. Vertical mill

2 Ea. Radial arm drill press, 19” column 6’ arm

2 Ea. Small drill presses

1 Ea. “O.B.I.” press 60-ton capacity

2 Ea. Plasma burning machine

1 Ea. Angus rolling machine

2 Ea. Bridge cranes, 5 ton capacity

1 Ea. Straightening press 280-ton capacity

1 Ea. Web punch 90 ton capacity

1 Ea. Flange punch 70 ton capacity

1 Ea. Shear 3/8x10”-0 capacity

2 Set Pipe turning rolls

Miscellaneous electric and manual power tools

Various Welding machines

2 Ea. 5-ton bridge cranes, various jib cranes, and (2) 9000 lb capacity

Forklifts are used to service the shop